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The Cedar Grove Ruritan Club offers a $1000.00 per year scholarship to graduating Orange High School seniors who pursue further education.  The scholarship will pay $1000.00 per year up to four years for further education or until a degree is obtained, whichever comes first.

A student eligible for nomination must be an Orange high School senior in good standing, who has applied, and has been accepted, at a recognized institution of higher education or professional training.

The standards for the award, in order of importance, are as follows:

  1. Integrity, honesty, citizenship and reputation.
  2. Financial need of the individual and his/her family.
  3. High school academic performance in chosen field of interest.
  4. High school extra curricular and community activities.

 Contact person Doug Hargrave  732.2196

Past Recipients

Riley Kennedy 2010
Charles Sheridan 2009
Nina Collins 2008
Zack Pope 2007
Ashley Pope 2006
Ashley Parker 2005
Adam Compton 2004
Matt Wingo 2003
Kenneth Florence Jr. 2002
Triffany Fields 2001
Johanna Gledhill 2000
Lisa Thompson 2000
Charlie Oakley 1999
Korie Allison 1998
Michael Harris 1997
Joel Knight 1997
Paula Compton 1996
Terri Parker 1996
Shakeela Rogers 1995
Shannon Talley 1994
Amy Oakley 1993
Watt Parker 1992
Shane Parker 1991














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